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4 Magnificent Fashion Trends in Woman’s Fashion!

From hippy modernism through to bold, colourful tailoring, here are 4 of the magnificent fashion trends we saw coming out of this years runways! Stay tuned! More interesting staff is coming!

1. Cyber Trend

It’s been the year of the ‘cyber influencer’. Currently it’s the year of the ‘online goth’.

The what? The 1990s, early 2000s goth-come-raver into neon as well as techno. Nightlife was on the brain at the programs, with Marine Serre and Saint Laurent killing the lights, giving way for glow-in-the- dark technicolour.

This is counterculture meets club meets Lil Miquela with declaration Insta-friendly touches, like Versace’s neon fuzz. Yet there’s something softer, albeit still declaration, for when Miquela matures.

The Look: high exposure with huge colour, big quantity, huge attitude. Trimmings are tactile, mounting the neck and also shoulders. Accessories and also shoes include a neon touch to a still-tough look.

2. Unclear Buddies Trend

From the faux-grass lookalike pumps at Ashley Williams, through to Tom Ford’s giant hair pail hats, blurry, flurry, furry (yet make it artificial) accessories are the cuddly accompaniment to nearly any kind of attire.

3. Snazzy Gloss Trend

Safe clothes for insane times. Rich-looking ones, as well, if Heidi’s homage to old Celine is anything to go by (culottes, gilt chain belts, silk blouses, tweed sporting activities jackets).

AW19’s update on bourgeois dressing is town, not country; Parisian mademoiselle, not lady of the mansion, with heritage checks and after-hours tartan offering the through-line.

The Look: you’ll wish to wear your knife-pleat culottes, shrunken argy-le knit or pussy-bow blouse with a side offering of sass to damage the high-net-worth crammed vibe.

4. Hotline Bling Trend

Nostalgia is absolutely nothing new, yet this throwback to the 80s and 90s is extra enjoyable.

Think Studio 54 at its many glam. Diamanté waterfall earrings, decorated every little thing. From belts with to bottom bags and even your layer attachments, make them glam, make them sparkle like an IRL Kira filter. Go large.

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