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9 Steps How to choose the right Greek island

A useful guide that recommends the most representative Greek islands like Santorini, for any type of vacation and tastes, for British tourists. Under the heading “How to choose the right Greek island“, this post highlights the best island choices for all tastes. The key in choosing the right Greek island lies in the holiday preferences that are most important to any traveller. While Corfu, for example, has excellent beaches and hiking opportunities, it does not offer tranquillity. Santorini, on the other hand, may have great restaurants, and a big variety of Santorini Private Tours!

Check out the magazine‘s suggestions to its British readers…

1. For everyone

The Cyclades is the most picturesque cluster of islands in Greece and includes two (2) large choices, Santorini and Mykonos, which have everything from tavernas, spectacular surroundings and beaches to white houses and traditional windmills, trademark of the country. abroad. Also, Crete, Greece’s largest island, Rhodes with its castles, Corfu and Lesvos are suggestions for everyone.

2. For fun

Ios and Kos are perfect for those looking for fun, with big DJ names and fancy bars. Mykonos and Santorini also offer opportunities for fun but at a more elite level, while Lesvos and Paros offer alternative entertainment.

3. For the beaches

Almost every Greek island has numerous beaches. If you prefer quiet beaches prefer Naxos, Milos, Santorini and Lefkada. Most frequented but not “crowded” are the beaches of Skiathos (perfect for nudists), Kefalonia, Zakynthos and Karpathos.

4. For dives

Zakynthos and Milos are excellent options for diving and snorkelling, while Paros and Kastellorizo ​​are equally ideal.

5. Hiking

Hiking can be done in most of the Greek islands, exploring villages inland and in the mountains, where one can discover monasteries or wild canyons. The varied terrain of Crete is an ideal choice (Samaria Canyon), while Naxos’ trails connecting monasteries and the flowers of Alonissos in Sporades impress the enthusiast of hiking.

6. Cycling

Bucolic Euboea, or the busier Kos, have well-maintained cycling routes. The worst of Thassos and Crete are equally good choices.

7. Landscape photography

The magnificent landscapes of the Greek islands are endless. But Santorini, with its volcanic caldera, the Melissani Cave in Kefalonia and the Antiparos Stalactites and Stalagmites Cave are interesting choices.

8. History

Santorini stands out. The island is a historic monument itself, has monasteries, ancient settlements, temples and many sightseeings.

9. Calm

If you are prepared to sacrifice some comfort in your stay for the ultimate in relaxation, then consider visiting Fournoi Beach or Gavdos, south of Crete, which is the southernmost island of Greece.

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