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BioZone Septic Treatment

In our searches for the best sewer treatment we came across Bio Zone.  To be honest it is kind of hard to keep all these “bio” brands separate.  There seems to be a large quantity of companies out there so determined to sell you there septic treatments ( ydravlikos ) that they must use the names that resemble one another.  Bio Zone, however has had some decent reviews online, and we thought that testing this recognizable brand was in order.

With the exception of having to search through a number of website to actually find a place where we could order the product, everything seemed professional and timely.  The instructions to use the product were simple, about average for these monthly type treatments.  We noticed that Bio Zone DID NOT offer a shock treatment for troubled systems, instead relying only on the monthly dosage to do the trick.

In our experience, most homeowners tend to wait until the septic system begins to show signs of a back-up or failure before they go seeking a remedy.  This is both extremely risky and can be problematic for your sewer system.  It also means that when it comes time to purchase a treatment, they need something a bit more concentrated or strong to handle the condition.  We ALWAYS recommend the use of a septic shock, although using a heavy, bulky 5 gallon pail is not necessary, especially when there are far better alternatives available.

For that reason we were a bit concerned about what level of results we would get from Bio Zone.  We used the product as directed and waited to see the results achieved.  As with most of our testing, we used Bio Zone on a septic tank that was roughly 8 years old and was displaying minimal to moderate back up.  No standing water, however damp areas of the lawn.  Slow drains, toilets and sinks were also present.

The first few weeks passed with limited changes.  It was clear that it was not going to be as effective as our Best Sewer Treatment.  But as the next months passed we continued to use the monthly dosage, we did eventually start to see a better functioning system.  Drain flow was improved and any odor present was improved within 2-3 months.  While not the fastest septic treatment on the market, it was better than many of the other scam septic treatments that don’t do anything for your system at all.

While we cannot recommend Bio Zone above any of our top rated sewer treatments, it is most certainly a reputable organization.  You can see how it compared by reading our Comparison Chart.

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