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Sexual Dysfunction and Side Effects in Men EXPLAINED!

Sexual Dysfunction and Side Effects in Men EXPLAINED!

Male sexual dysfunction can come on from a number of reasons and be triggered by a number of varying causes. I understand that sexual dysfunction or low male libido may be frustrating especially when in a long-term relationship or marriage.  It is important however, to speak to your wife or partner (an Athens escort or Athens escorts) and tell them honestly how you are feeling.

In a relationship you are a team and two heads are better than one when trying to figure out a solution to a problem.  understand that everyone goes through ups and downs in their sex drives throughout the course of their life, so a low male libido is nothing to worry or stress over.  As long as you keep an open mind and continue to expect that you will find the cause to this problem- you most certainly will! if your partner one sex but you don’t, try to remain compassionate and understanding and find other activities that you can do together that will still keep you intimate and connected during this frustrating time of sexual dysfunction.

Don’t let male sexual function get you down. This article is simply meant to be a resource and reference point from where one may see the major causes of sexual dysfunction in males however, it is up to each person to investigate for themselves the true root cause behind these problems-because nobody knows you like you know yourself.  Sexual dysfunction may be caused by a physical ailment, and unresolved personal issue, unresolved relationship problems, or even possibly because subconsciously you are acting against what you believe truly right.

Best place to begin searching for the root cause behind your male sexual dysfunction

The best place to begin investigating the cause of your sexual dysfunction with peaks begin looking at your physical environment.  What kind of diet do you have on a regular basis?  Are you getting enough physical activity daily? do you take prescription medications?  Are you happy with your home life? What about your work?  and your social life?

All of these things make up your environment and go on to affect your life in one way or another. First investigate if the causes coming from any of these things.  A few common physical causes of sexual dysfunction in men are things such as poor diet and poor exercise habits.

A high-fat and high calorie diet isn’t optimally beneficial for your body therefore it isn’t truly beneficial for your sex life and won’t help your low male libido. Try adding Male Libido Boosting Foods that produce testosterone naturally

Sexual dysfunction is not only common in women but in men as well.  This doesn’t mean however that you must suffer alone and there are plenty of ways that you can reverse these unwanted side effects.  In this video I will be discussing the major causes of sexual dysfunction in men and explaining briefly why it happens.

Many men complain of erectile dysfunction and/or sexual dysfunction but not many understand why this happens or what the culprit is.  The truth is that more times than not it doesn’t just come from one root cause.

Each man is different, lives a different lifestyle and may have a different reason why he is experiencing sexual dysfunction. It is important to note that it may not be just one thing that is causing your sexual dysfunction problems, it may be a number of things put together.  This will be for you to investigate and sort out for yourself.

There are some major common causes for sexual dysfunction in men,  a few of the most common reasons being poor diet exercise habits, obesity, prolonged use of pornography, Andropause or “the male menopause”, long-term illness, prescription medications, self-confidence issues or performance anxiety, stress or fatigue, unresolved personal issues, underlining problems in the relationship, or feelings of guilt fear or shame.

What is Andropause? How does it affect sexual dysfunction?

Andropause or “the male menopause” means that the testosterone and sperm producing hormone (LH) levels are decreasing in the male’s body. This typically begins around age 50 to 60. The same thing happens to women in their late 40s to early 50s during menopause when the hormone levels of progesterone and estrogens decrease.

Some males go through what they call a “midlife crisis” during this time although it is nothing more than a fluctuation of hormones and in such moments of a “midlife crisis”-those men simply do not know how to effectively deal with their change in emotions and may sometimes act irrationally or unlike their normal selves.

When understood, Andropause and sexual dysfunction may be prevented or at least the right precautions can be taken so that the side effects may be lessened greatly.  The major precautions to be taken are healthy diet and regular moderate exercises as well as decreasing the habits of smoking and drinking alcohol as these seem to quicken the onset of Andropause.

The correct mental habits will also greatly prevent many of the emotional side effects that may go along with Andropause.  After a dip in testosterone levels in men may begin to get in touch with their subtle nature, or what some people may call their “feminine side”- feeling more compassion, wanting to be home more often, feeling less competitive or less power driven, taking more of an interest in their kids and wives lives, perhaps they discover new hobbies that maybe they thought were more “feminine” in nature before.

There is certainly nothing wrong with this and it does not mean that the man has lost his manhood, it simply means that due to the drop in testosterone he is getting in touch with his other more passive subtle qualities that he may not have noticed before.  Typically this drop in testosterone happens very gradually and over the course of a few years which is why it is less dramatic of a change then the female menopause.

Natural Techniques to Treat Sexual Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction medication such as Viagra, only work by increasing blood flow to the penis-it does nothing at all to increase sexual arousal or sexual desire.  This is why they will not work on women.  While erectile dysfunction medications may help in the short term, it may be best to seek out other methods that can not only help you find the root of your sexual dysfunction problems but can also help you solve them naturally.

All-natural methods like Kegel exercises, or jelqing exercises are much better than things like Viagra because you’re actually improving and increasing your PC muscles, which over time increase your penis size,  improve erection, increase sexual potency as well as stamina which will help you to last longer in bed.

Viagra does nothing to help you build your PC muscles and over time may actually cause you to become to pendant upon it especially later on in life because you have not been using or building your own PC muscle strength.  Kegel exercises will help to increase blood flow to the penis boosting erection.

However you may also give an Athens escort or Athens escorts a try!

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