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The most beautiful summer dresses you need

Sunglasses, girly dress, loose curls and cocktail in hand. Summer is coming! Because dresses (φορέματα) and summer go together, put aside your jeans and get ready for your established sexy summer looks! The dress this summer has no length. Whether it is long or short it is equally fashionable in both.

However, you can choose the maxi dress at a good event or at a wedding and the mini dress at the club or on an outing with your partner! Pastel colors, white and lace design and floral are some of our favorite choices in dresses. Find the one that suits you and spend your summer more comfortable and stylish than ever.

Vintage style returns

Intensely inflatable sleeves on clothes are now the absolute fashion trend. They have already been released in winter clothes and continue to exist dynamically in both spring and summer collections. Inspired by older decades, they bring a more vintage style in a modern way.

But the best part is that anyone can wear this design as it is not something very strange or eccentric. So if you have not adopted this trend yet, you have one more season to try it.

Dresses with ruffles, quilts, feathers and fringes, wide fabric pants, blouses and skirts with asymmetrical ends are the absolute trend of the season and will be loved by all of us.

Leopard summer dresses

This summer the leopard returned to fashion in various colors. The big names on the catwalks of fashion believe that the wilder and more colorful a leopard dress is, the better in combination with thin lines, crazy shades and designs. Some of these styles can easily stand out from a simple day up to an evening look.

Strapless summer dresses

Outerwear blouses and dresses are a very seductive and elegant choice for the spring and summer months. This style returns and makes our outfit very mysterious, beautiful and extremely feminine.

Printed summer dresses

Think chiffon and silk fabrics in all possible cuts, printed colors, designs and inspirational styles. These dresses have a very elegant atmosphere and are ideal for all hours of the summer day.

Floral summer dresses

What is better than airy floral summer dresses? Dresses that do not stick to the body and are made of light fabrics will be the first choices this summer. Choose the right one according to your style.

The maxi dresses of summer

Women love dresses and we usually have a large variety of them in our wardrobe, for every occasion. And while in appearances, especially everyday, we usually prefer the midi (they are considered more elegant, more flexible, more suitable for the female body) or the mini above the knee, for the evening we will resort more easily to a maxi dress.

Long dresses exude something aristocratic and that is why, depending on their silhouette and fabric, choices for formal appearances are made quite often.

But maxi is not just evening dresses. Spring and summer host collections that come to recommend us the most airy, light maxi dresses, in colors and patterns that represent the season, which are ideal for any occasion. So do not hesitate to include maxi dresses in your all day spring appearances by investing in romantic maxi dresses with florals and ruffles, in maxi dresses with bright colors such as yellow or blue, while do not forget to include a maxi dress in your wardrobe in black or white which are timeless options.

Options for summer appearances


In our morning walks in the summer months what we are looking for is a comfortable dress. Depending on your style and the mood you have every day, you can combine many different looks. A sure choice and daily solution for all of us is of course a shorts with a simple top t-shirt.

To make it even more chic you can wear high-waisted shorts with the t-shirt inside. For morning excursions you can combine your favorite overalls or an airy mini dress.


Our afternoon walks usually end in evening outings but because it is summer we can not put something heavy but we are looking for something light and comfortable. A very nice choice that you can find this summer are the floral dresses that are available in many colors and designs.

Casual clothing does not necessarily mean very casual or you can configure it for your night out by combining it with shoes and accessories. For your evening looks, choose a maxi dress in monochrome or even better printed, such as a printed skirt or a midi pleated dress in pastel shades that is in fashion for this year.

Depending on how we wear each garment, we give it the style we want and this applies even more to summer clothes, which by definition are more airy than winter clothes.

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